The horses he rode in on

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Buckaroo Related Links

OFFICIAL Banzai Institute Facebook page

Buckaroo Banzai FAQ
The FAQ done up for the web.

MGM listing

Shout! Factory Blu-ray page

Moonstone Books - Publisher of Buckaroo Banzai comics written by Earl Mac Rauch

Buckaroo Banzai Newsgroup

If your server doesn't carry the group, do two things: 1) email whoever is in charge of such things and ask them to start carrying it, and B) go to Google Groups and you can read the group there.

Blue Blaze Irregulars Club Facebook page

5 Minutes of Banzai podcast Facebook page

Blue Blaze Station #23
Former home of the legendary relayer. The site's gone but I hope relayer drops me a line one of these days.

The Cyclone Rangers

Starland OnLine
Buy Buckaroo stuff here!!

Banzai Interactive
Get the Buckaroo Banzai text adventure game here!!

Hollywood Lost and Found
Rare TABB production photos for your pleasure can be found here.

Cast / Crew Links

Pepe Serna's Facebook page

Billy Vera and the Beaters - Pinky Carruthers's side band

NEW! Clancy Brown's official Twitter page - The nearly-departed Rawhide

NEW! Christopher Lloyd's official Facebook page - Big-Boo-TAY! TAY! TAY! TAY!

Semi-related Links

The Hidalgo Trading Company
An intrepid adventurer who's also a world class surgeon; a team of loyal helpers, each experts in their chosen fields; amazing exploits that defy imagination...Check out this site devoted to Buckaroo's spiritual forefather.

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