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Another image-heavy page.

The purpose of this page is to provide an illustrated catalog of both official and unofficial Banzai memorabilia and some ideas on how to get it. Some images can be clicked for larger versions. If you have any further info on these or other items, or just comments on the items, please let me know.

Also see the Buckaroo Banzai FAQ for more info on much of the stuff mentioned here.

(Items marked with a * use images lifted from eBay and I don't know who they came from because at the time I copied them, I had no plans of doing a page like this. If it's your image, I'll gladly credit you or remove it as you request. Thanks.)

Official Merchandise

Image Description
New DVD cover Shout! Factory released a Blu-ray and a limted steelbook Blu available
New DVD cover The DVD is out! Check out the write-up at MGM. Amazon is taking orders now. Release date was officially January 4th, 2002
New book cover The NEW release of the Novel! Released in December 2001. Available for order from
New video cover The NEW re-release of 'TABB' - released 6 February 2001! Available from (and other places).
another UK vid cover Another UK video cover. Picture courtesy Beanos Limited.
UK vid cover A UK video cover
BB book A Holy Grail for BB collectors. The original novel. Auctions might actually be your best chance for a reasonalby priced copy, as book dealers who have it generally seem to want at least $50 for it. Check out, alibris and bibliofind for example. There's enough copies up for auction that if you're patient, you can probably get it for less. Years back I found one in the Children's section of a used book store for five bucks, so keep an eye out.
video cover The original U.S. video release from Vestron. They still pop up on ebay once in a while. Just make sure you're bidding on the actual tape and not a home-duped copy. And make sure it's the Vestron version. Video Treasures released an even worse version later. See the Buckaroo Banzai FAQ for more info on the different versions.
German video release A German video release. If memory serves, this was actually letterboxed according to the eBay ad I lifted the pic from.*
laser disc The laserdisc. Been going for around twenty bucks on eBay auctions since the DVD and Blu-rays came out. Good luck. Image lifted from the official Buckaroo Banzai Site.
Australian video The cover of the Australian video. Picture courtesy Grant Gittus Graphics.
British video The cover of the UK video. Picture courtesy Dexell.
TABB CED The CED of TABB. Similar to laserdiscs except the disc is read by a stylus like a record (remember those? big, black vinyl things that played music?). Picture courtesy Matt Stein.
Viewmaster reels 'TABB' Viewmaster reels. Unless you're real lucky, auction sites or other collectors is about your only way to get these.
'TABB' comics Plenty of comics stores on the web have these for less than $5. Look around. (Thanks to Fanatic for the scans of the two-ish adaption) Check out for the more recent Banzai comics, written by Earl Mac Rauch himself.
BB computer game

Adventure International released a 'TABB' game in several formats for different platforms. Again, auction sites or collectors are about the only sources for the actual item, but links to the program and emulator files are available on the Link Page.
Front of box - Back of box
(Pictures courtesy of Populuxe)

And some shots of the game itself.

Jetcar 'Through the Mountain' illusion toy Instead of action figures, this is what we got. All the auction ads call it 'rare' but there's no shortage of listings for them. Personally, wouldn't pay more than $5, and that's being generous. It's about two inches across.
Jetcar 'Through the Mountain' illusion toy box Box the Jetcar toys came in. Picture courtesy Intergalactic Trading Co.
Sears concert T-shirt Courtesy of BBI Shadow, a rare shirt originally sold in Sears. According to Reno, some were mis-printed with green ink. Image originally appeared on the official BB site.
Shirts These are just some of the shirts that came out. These were available at >Starland OnLine and Starbase 21 (where I stole the pics from). There were also long-sleeve versions of some of the designs available. Still pop up on ebay from time to time.
New shirt A shirt design for the possible series. These were available at Starland OnLine and of course some folks are auctioning them like crazy, too.
Jacket Description modified from the old Starland listing: "Fully lined satin jackets. Logo Jacket features the Team Banzai jet car patch on left front, '88' patch on right shoulder, and full color logo on the back. Jet Car Logo Jacket - same as above with silk screened Jet Car below logo and gold trim on cuffs. Jet Car Pit Crew Jacket has large 'Team Banzai' patch on back, '88' patch on right shoulder and 'Team Banzai' jet car patch on left front." You'll notice the one pictured sounds similar to the Jet Car Logo Jacket description except it has the Banzai Institute patch on the front. Not sure if this is yet another variation or the write-up was incorrect. Haven't seen them since then.
Hats Hats that were available from Starland. You can still find these at conventions, but I'd be willing to bet they're just hats that the dealers have put patches on themselves and might not be quite as well done. I think they were also available with the Blue Blaze Irregular 'BB' patch like Scooter wore.
Patches These were also available from Starland OnLine (where I stole the pic from because my scanner isn't big enough to get all the "Team Banzai" patch in one pass), tho' you'll find plenty up on auction sites, too.
BB concert poster

Poster of BB in concert. Available from Starland back when the original newsletters were published, I haven't seen many signs of it since.

BB postcards "TABB" postcards from Starland. Larger images of individual cards available in the Image Gallery.
Mugs Mugs that were available through Starland. These pop up at the auctions once in awhile, and I was still seeing them at conventions a few years back. (the mugs didn't disappear, I moved to a non-convention town)
New Pins


New pins available from the fine folks at Starland. Hope they don't mind I lifted the images from their site.

Promotional Items

Image Description
German movie poster German movie poster courtesy of
Yoyodyne convention ID A fridge magnet designed like an ID badge for a convention. Thanks go to Jim McMahon.
Promotional card for the DVD release. Also thanks to Jim McMahon.
movie ad Ad for the movie. Shows up on eBay a lot.
video stand-up display Stand-up display for the video release. Auctions or other collectors are your best bet. *
The US and French posters Poster shops also abound on the web. I'd search there before going to the auction sites. I recently saw the US poster listed for $35 at one. The French one goes closer to $100.
German lobby cards German Lobby Cards. A good search on the movie poster sites can probably turn them up. Full-size scans of the complete sets are in the Image Gallery. There's scans of the French set in the Buckaroo Banzai FAQ. I paid $40 for the 16 card German set at a con years ago, which was pretty good I thought as another dealer was selling them for $20 a piece.
Headband Headband originally given away at conventions to promote the film and later available from Starland.
stickers and button Stickers and button sent out with the original newsletters (newsletters available in PDF format in the Library).

Bootleg/Fan-made Merchandise

Image Description
Workprint cover The (in)famous workprint. Whether it's called 'Workprint', 'Editor's Print', 'Director's Cut', 'Extended Version'...whatever, it's still the same thing. A very blurry copy of a copy of a copy of a get the idea. Yes, it's got the prologue with young Buckaroo and his parents. Yes, it's letterboxed. Yes, there's other bits here and there which were either re-dubbed or cut from the film (you can read the transcript at the BB FAQ site) but it's also missing some effects shots and the picture and sound are crappy. A great resource for the BB completist, but not something the casual viewer needs. Most of the extra scenes (and then some) are on the DVD and Blu-ray.
Belt Buckle These were available at Starland OnLine and of course some folks are auctioning them like crazy, too.
Lizardo watch A fan-made Lizardo watch sometimes seen on auction sites.
soundtrack A bootleg soundtrack. There's several versions in varying degrees of quality. None worth the price normally asked, especially considering how common they are. Every once in awhile it shows up on the web in MP3 format.
BB in Jetcar suit A nifty fan-made Buckaroo in his Jetcar suit, courtesy of Shoe.
New Jersey A nifty fan-made New Jersey, also courtesy of Shoe.

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