Other Team Members
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Other Members of Team Banzai

Billy Travers
Eighteen years old (at the time of Across the 8th Dimension) computer hacker extrordinaire. Was offered a job at the National Security Agency when fourteen years old. Showed up at the Banzai Institute with his "credentials": a mountain of super secret data culled by him and his Atari 800 personal computer from electronic data processing (EDP) facilities of the Pentagon, the National Security Agency and the CIA, among others. Hacked into the personnel records of Yoyodyne Propulsions Systems and gave Team Banzai their first indication that something "weird" was up with the employees.
Was to be married to Felicia Vasquez in December of 1985, but first a computer glitch fouled those plans, then Felicia took off with a trucker named Jack Burton.

Big Norse*
A girl from whom much had been expected. By the time she reached twelve in Denmark, she had entered the university, and as a result, grew further estranged from the general populace. Her sole concern became the abstract symbols of mathmatics, and although an arresting girl...she had always felt vexed with boys and even unwell in their company.
Her musicianship was the only constituent of her repertoire of talents needing improvement for her to "make" residency and join the group, and it seemed to her paradoxical that musical composition, so neat on the page and mathmatical in form, should so seek to involve the emotions in it's performance. Her problem, it is believed, was not a poor ear or a lack of facility with her hands, but an overabundance of earnetness.
Rawhide is known to be sweet on her, and gives her piano lessons.
In the Novel, it is Big Norse who first discovers the existence of the Lectroids in space following Team Banzai.

* Any resemblance between the pic of Big Norse and a pic of Marjorie Monaghan from the Official Marjorie Monaghan Website is pretty much unavoidable.

Team Banzai Members Who Didn't Make It Into The Movie For Some Reason Or The Other

Jack Burton
Hard to keep tabs on, Burton is a trucker who never hesitates to lend a hand to a friend in need.

Chris Knight
A creative genius specializing in lasers, Chris joined up with Team Banzai in the late 80s after finding out the government planned on using the research he did in school for nefarious purposes. With the help of fellow students he foiled those plans and decided to ally himself with an organization that would put his talents to better use.

Marshall Teller
After going to high school in a town he affectionately(?) refers to as "the center of weirdness for the universe," Marshall joined the BBIs and has become one of the groups premiere paranormal investigators.

Jake Lo
After the death of his father, a US Government agent, during the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, Jake Lo pretty much wanted nothing to do with any sort of cause, figuring it wasn't worth it. An encounter with drug dealers and crooked Feds didn't do much to help this opinion, but a Chicago cop named Mace Ryan did. Deciding he couldn't stand by any longer but still not trusting the government, Jake decided Team Banzai was the way to go.

Intending to become a journalist, encounters with an odd device of alien origin during her last year of high school changed her worldview. Discovering that the mainstream press wasn't seriously interested in stories "on the fringe," Calico hooked her wagon to Team Banzai.
Calico is also one of ArcLight's best friends.

Real Name: Charlie Case
Martial artist and world-class gymnast (she won the World Championships in Athens, Greece in 1994), Spitfire found herself in the middle of international intrique when she was unwittingly embroiled in a case of stolen launch codes for Ukranian nuclear missles. During that affair, she became so disgusted with the cold-hearted world of espionage that, like many others, she sought another outlet to use her skills to help the world. And like many of those others, she found Team Banzai.
ArcLight met Spitfire in September of 2000 when they converged with other Team Banzai members to take out a group of cannibal cultists in Hope, NM.

Chloe Sullivan
While in high school, Chloe was the editor of her school paper, The Smallville Torch, and one of its main investigative reporters. Several features from her "Wall of Weird" aroused the interest of Team Banzai investigators.

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