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The horses he rode in on

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Whorfin, O'Connor and Bigboote' Lizardo 1938

Whorfin inciting the troops Whorfin, O'Connor and Bigboote'

Whorfin inciting the troops

Lizardo in asylum

Deranged Dr. Emilio Lizardo, his body and soul are possessed by an evil alien dictator from Planet 10. The year? 1938! Dr. Emilio Lizardo makes his head-long charge at the 8th Dimension...and fails! John Fish - Vice Deputy of Luncheon Security at Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems. The dinner bell sounds, and three hungry Lectroids (John G. Jones, John Mudhead, John Pillenwater) gather for an impromptu Twinkie barbecue and some fond memories of Saturdays back home on Planet 10. Evil pure and simple! John Bigboote', a red Lectroid from Planet 10 stands poised to spit a deadly stinger. 1-Lectroid Protective Services Supervisor; 2-Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems Special Operator; 3-John Bigboote', Red Lectroid; 4-Black Lectroid Wing Commanders inside Father Ship; 5-Blueprint Custodian; 6-Black Lectroid Wing Commander


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